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Hi everyone, Chris is here, but not crisis :) We worked very hard last month and I am happy to say that as a result insexes become better again. There are still dozen interesting tasks in our todo list, and we are moving forward gradually, step by step. That is why not everything here is super mega fine today. But we are in process. So, just keep watching over.

I've received several emails with questions about our model indexes from different people... Some of them were asking for complete list of girls from our exclusive section; others, how they could edit existing model profiles. I replied to all of your emails. And, thanks to your letters, I decided to write down and publish the current status and future plans about our model indexes.

You know that model indexes are one of the important part of insexes. Actually, this part formed the basis of insexes at the very beginning. Often one girl is modeling for different photographers and appears on various sites under sundry screen names. And if you are a true fan or zealous collector of specific girl you'd like to get all available material with her. That's why we need model indexes. Now we have a fourth iteration, but it is going to be rethought.

There were just few requirements for model profile: show profile picture, links to the related galleries and some additional information. But after first iteration, it became clear that we need to add more features like model aliases and rating. Same situation repeated with each new iteration. The published version does not hold water. It is true. Despite the fact that model profiles should be completely redesigned, we finally have got a clear vision how. Ultimate version of model profiles is under development. Release date is undefined yet.

We are designing several model profile types including but not limited to orphan, regular, exclusive and personal. But these types are rather nominal. Exclusive profiles will be edited solely by us, personal profiles will be edited by respected model, while other kinds of profiles could be edited by all or privileged users. Different profiles of the same girl could be linked. In this regard, there are many arising problems that we still have to solve.

There are no pressing need to update current model index for our exclusive sets before we release the renewed one. There were not so much exclusive sets published now, that is why it is reasonable to invest our time in development. However, currently ruined section is additional motivation for us to accomplish this task as soon as possible.

That's probably all for today. And, again, thank you for your interest in our project. Remember, that your feedback is not only welcomed, your feedback really helps us to make insexes. Stay tuned!

Posted at 15 of July, 2013 11:46 PM. Written by insexes
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