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Forum rules (read them before post) (locked)


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Forum rules (read them before post)

2684 days ago 05-15-2013 07:49 pm

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To help you gain the most from insexes, please familiarize yourself with these rules and guidelines, as they give a better understanding of what behavior is expected and make your experience more enjoyable and safe.

The basic ground rules for discussions on insexes are simple: be polite, use common sense, don't break the law and don't post any message that even hints at advertising, spam or flood. All publicly displayed messages are limited to the English language. This includes posts, titles, signatures, and any attachments or other forms of public display.

We don't intend to censor messages based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we will enforce the policies outlined here. We reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation.

You are permitted a maximum of one account, active or inactive. Your account is yours and yours alone. You are responsible for any activity created with it. You may not share your account login with anyone. If you choose to ignore this important restriction your account will be disabled. If you have forgotten your log in details and are unable to retrieve them via the system, do not create a new account, please contact our support team. Insexes allows one account per member and one member per account. Insexes account cannot be purchased, sold, transferred, or inherited.

Suspension of your account is a definite consequence of not adhering to these guidelines.

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