Gods are among us...

Meet Mirai Suenaga, and if you are wondering, her name means "Eternal Future". She is bright personality, diligent and honest, loves to help others. Mirai always wants to try out new stuff that she is curious about regardless of the outcome. So, sometimes she will end up with breaking or unintentionally hurting somebody. But despite this, she is kind and gentle. That's why girls around the world like to cosplay as Mirai Suenaga.

Believe or not, but this is not a computer generated image! This is a real photo of Mirai Suenaga, in her first soft vinyl doll body. She is making her first moves in our real world. And it is become possible due to the labor of talented person, modern technologies and overwhelming passion to create.

Danny Choo is the creator of Mirai Suenaga. He lived in tree different countries, worked in corporate life and started up a company. He is open to share with his experiences and discoveries. I accidentally came across one of Danny's articles during my lazy internet surfing. I read it in one breath. It appears that much of his thoughts are in unison with mine. Do you know how pleasant it is (and frankly speaking motivationally) to discover someone with the same outlook on life?

Danny is a dreamer that likes dolls so much. He always wanted one of his own mascot character. But manufacturers were not interested to deal with him. So, he decided to make his dream dolls himself. And now, he is ready to present us the results...

It is going to be the first ever interactive robotic 60cm doll. There are many folks in the robot community who have been building robot dolls but Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll is different in two major areas - the robotics are completely hidden underneath the soft vinyl skin and the unit is interactive.

These awesome boobs of Mirai are worth to be published here at insexes :) They were drilling my imagination and suddenly I have got a simple crazy idea from somewhere. As it is modular system, we can sculpt a face and body of any dream girl. We also could record a natural voice. It is not important whether this will be just a kit for Smart Doll or independent product. But it already possible to create doll twins of your favorite models!

Moreover, I feel that most of our girls will like this idea. Sure, the creation of custom doll requires many steps, and the final cost of the instance could be quite high. But we could come up with series of contests between our models as well as between you, our active members. It is just fleeting brainchild, but what do you think?

Posted at 20 of July, 2013 1:07 PM. Written by insexes
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7 year ago

Sign me up for a Laura doll!


7 year ago

I am guilty. I am a bad girl :( Why I did not read the latest paragraph before?

I swear to read frontpage posts from the beginning to the end... I will always read frontpage posts from the beginning to the end... I will always read twice frontpage posts from the beginning to the end!

Of course! I would like to have a small doll clone of myself! And I am more than sure, that it is a dream of any and every girl!