Insexes comment system

Did you know that insexes has innovative comment system? I'll show you. Well, let's assume that you just discovered something that worth your comment. It could be your professional opinion, friendly suggestion or just expression of your positive emotions. You know, good comment could be spicy sometimes, but do not overdo it. The numbers in the upper right corner are a part of our point system, and my general recommendation is just get rid of red color while typing. Now, it is needless to say that your comment should be informative enough.

Once you've finished composing, take a final look and submit. Your message would be immediately visible on forum timeline too, engaging others to begin or continue the discussion (and no really matter how deep it was posted). Note, that dedicated forum thread is auto created on your behalf for any first comment. All auto created threads are marked with sexy green corner on the left and usually named as "Comments about...". Threads that were created by you (or on your behalf) are marked with "high five" on the right, so you'll never miss your own threads.

We are continuing our development of comment system for insexes.

Posted at 11 of June, 2013 4:00 PM. Written by insexes
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