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It is very likely that you've reached this gallery thanks to The Hun's Yellow Pages. They are bringing the best links to the best adult material since 1995. And sure, we are proud that insexes was listed on their really great pages. If you have the Hunbar at the top of this page then we would be happy to receive the supreme score from you. And who knows, may be one day we'll shoot something special and dedicated to The Hun :)

Maybe you already know, maybe not, but registration at insexes is free for a limited period of time. So it is good idea to get your personal account right now. Please, check this page for more info.

See the list of raw Shady shore photo session thumbnails below. 150 photos were carefully selected for our exclusive section and they are highlighted with green. Few images highlighted with purple were used as titles and wallpapers. Another 20 shots were selected for this gallery (highlighted with blue), please note, that they were not picked from our members area. This is totally exclusive nude art gallery from insexes!

Posted at 2 of September, 2013 7:22 AM. Written by insexes
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Covertly Aroused
5 year ago

What a great set. I'd love to see some of the "rejected" photos in better quality. She's gorgeous, and even the lesser photos would be worth a look.


6 year ago

Sorry I meant to come back to check out your reply but have not been able to come around for awhile. Thanks for the greatly detailed post. It is very interesting to see the process. The funny/blooper images sound like something fun for the fans if the ladies are ok with it.


7 year ago

The short answer is "no". This gallery is experimental. Our previous promo galleries were selected from members area. Insexes exclusive section is always updated with pre selected images. The whole sorting process is always the same:

(1) Remove or delete unrecoverable shots, broken shots, black shots;
(2) Move to excluded1 folder all hardware "fails";
(3) Move to excluded2 folder all shots with model or photographer mistake (winking eyes, weird or unstable pose, talking while shooting, etc);
(4) Choose the best and move the rest to excluded3 folder;
(5) Select pic(s) for title or wallpaper;
(6) Send the remaining images to "processing"...
--- --- --- [processing] --- --- ---
(n) Reorder (if needed, but often needed) processed images;
(n 1) Move some extra images to excluded4 folder.

I am showing up the process not only as a "proof of work". I really hope that it could be interesting and helpful for other people. And it is always a chance that someone has an idea of how to improve this process.

As you can see we've got groups of images, and we can use images from excluded3 and excluded4 to compose really exclusive gallery. Here is a very small trick: we can crop the image, and while down sampling it to gallery size we are getting rid of something that is unacceptable at the BIG shot.

I am also collecting the funny images, but this collection is very small. And I'll probably have to ask for special permission in order to use them, because some really funny shot could easily ruin the sensual image of the girl.

Now I have a "template" and you can expect more galleries like this one in the future, but on a sporadic basis. There are still so much things to develop for insexes...


7 year ago

Wow that is a lot of work you put in to delivering us high quality galleries and we really enjoy them. Thanks again for sharing info on the process you use. I was wondering, do you always upload all of the photos even if they do not make it to the final gallery? Or is that only something you do for a specific gallery when you are making a post about the process such as this one?