Our honest but limited proposal

The naked truth is that today, we have not so much exclusive sets to offer. And we fully understand how people could be unhappy to get something that is not expected for their money. In other hand, we are just launched insexes, and we have to gain our happy audience. It is true that future of the insexes is in your hands too. We want to be open and honest with our members from the beginning and do not want to sell leaves without figs. We are also avoiding aggressive marketing strategies to catch some new customers, as we feel that mutually trusting relationship should work much better and make everyone really satisfied.

So, we decided to make you an offer. Select and subscribe to any site from our recommended site list. As a result you'll get a regular access to the chosen site plus an access to our exclusive section. There are no hidden fees and charges at all for you. How it is possible? We would be credited for affiliate sale. Really no tricks, no risks. But this let you get better understanding of insexes style, in the same time this let us to concentrate deeper on creation and make more breathtaking sets. Interested? Well, here is step by step instructions:

However, it is limited time offer, once we put more sets online, then insexes exclusive section will be available for fair price. Anyway, if you are looking for quality art nude, erotic, or even for something more naughty, you are in the right place :)

Posted at 10 of April, 2013 3:32 PM. Written by insexes
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