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Classy Insexes updates

Another nine exclusive sets were published at insexes! As always, our sets contain only carefully selected top quality shots of lovely girls. View them all online or download as zip archives in preferable resolution for your private collection. HD wallpapers included :)

We are updating our exclusive section twice a week on Monday and on Thursday. The more paid subscribers, the more we can do. We want to publish exclusive photo sets three times per week or even frequently. By the way, updating the site with top notch video clips are also in our plans. But, without your support, without your patronage and love we are going forward with small steps. So, it all depends on you too!

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Active forum posters needed!

It is understandable that not everyone with valid insexes account is going to comment or interact on the forum. But we want more drive! And, hereby we announce that we're looking for core forum posters. We are interesting in original, well formed posts and comments written on fluent English. You are welcome to comment, express your admiration or may be put some constructive critic. We are willing to build friendly and open minded community but this cannot be done alone.

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Insexes comment system

Did you know that insexes has innovative comment system? I'll show you. Well, let's assume that you just discovered something that worth your comment. It could be your professional opinion, friendly suggestion or just expression of your positive emotions. You know, good comment could be spicy sometimes, but do not overdo it. The numbers in the upper right corner are a part of our point system, and my general recommendation is just get rid of red color while typing. Now, it is needless to say that your comment should be informative enough.

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Girls on white collection

All unnecessary visual noise was removed. Nothing will distract you. Now, you could focus only on these stunning girls, on their grace, on their lovely shapes and on their intimacy. This is really great hand-picked collection of naked girls on white. For you with passion.

Oh, and, I have to announce something. Favorites feature is going to be released for all insexes members soon. It allows you to create your own sets of outstanding galleries, models, sites and material from our exclusive section. So, make sure that you already have your insexes account. Note, that registration is still free, but for limited period of time. Do not hesitate.

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Sixteen color codes and names

Sixteen color codes and their names

Did I tell you that we are here at insexes not only about hot and naked sexy girls? I made some useful cribs about colors and related stuff during my designer career. As these cribs already saved me much time I decided to remaster some of them in insexes style. Today, I am going to tell you about sixteen color codes and their names. But if you are not interested just enjoy Laura on the title and do not even try to read the rest...

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Yahoo mail parser breaks links

Attention! It seems that Yahoo mail parser (and very probably that many others, except Google) is damaging some types of links contained in incoming plain text emails. This problem was discovered when some of our users with yahoo mailboxes failed with activating their insexes accounts. We are not in touch with Yahoo developers, but we applied a fix on our side to avoid our activation links to be broken in future.

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Insexes updates

insexes updates

These hot sexy girls are already here at insexes! Stunning bodies and desirable girlie shapes will make your heart jumping. As all these lovely beauties enjoy whole shooting process you'll get the full set of emotions that were captured during the shooting. Yes, not only naked boobs but true flurries of rapture. Why not to get your dose of endorphins?

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Naked Insexes, plans and objectives

I'm glad to see you! Just want to say that this is really complicated to write about plans, because some of them are still in progress, some are on mind papers, some just a sparkly dreams that should come true at non-designated time. Anyway, it is pretty reverent. Keep in mind, that it is not our promises, it is our current vision, so something could be forgotten, something could be enhanced, and at least something could be added. This brief list also helps me to look on insexes from tomorrows day, so I call it checkpoint for myself.

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Sorting, the hidden process

Still warm SD card with raw materials is in my hands now. I just got it from our main photographer. Something is telling me that it was a drive shooting today, even the card smells with gasoline. Interesting, as I was not in the studio today, so I expect to be surprised. Oh, cool down, this story is going to be not about shooting process and even not about hot nude girls, not now. This time I would like to reveal some hidden part of our work, that makes raw materials closer to become final set that is ready to be published at insexes. The sorting.

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What were already done

Making insexes was our challenge for the latest years, which was begun just from an idea to create handy model indexes. With only our experience in background it was started from scratch and appears an exciting journey to all of us. So, let me tell you in brief what were already done.

To be edited and continued...

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Our honest but limited proposal

The naked truth is that today, we have not so much exclusive sets to offer. And we fully understand how people could be unhappy to get something that is not expected for their money. In other hand, we are just launched insexes, and we have to gain our happy audience. It is true that future of the insexes is in your hands too. We want to be open and honest with our members from the beginning and do not want to sell leaves without figs. We are also avoiding aggressive marketing strategies to catch some new customers, as we feel that mutually trusting relationship should work much better and make everyone really satisfied.

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Insexes. Genesis

The first set that was published at insexes. Genesis :)

Yippee! First set filled with 85 exclusive nude art photos is out now! And from this point our exciting journey has been commenced. You are welcome to follow us. So, it is really good idea to get your account right now!

Next, let me tell you something about our first sets. We did some shooting specially for insexes during 2012. Some of these photo sets will be published in the nearest time to make our exclusive section looks more solid than it appears today :) Others with newly created ones will be published on scheduled basis. We are planning to put two or three sets online each week. But, after gaining at least one thousand paid members we could produce and add even more sets, and it allows us to enter to the next stage. I'll tell you a secret that we want to update our exclusive section every day, produce really quality and amazing erotic clips, and even more. So gaining new members of insexes is very important for us and all existing members. It will make far future much closer. That is why we are asking you to help us with promotion in all possible ways.

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This is the first wave!

You are so close to something special to be happen. Imagine that you are working on your own for many years. Imagine that you had sleepless nights. Imagine that you are tired and happy, and you do not know what will really bring the next day and it was already everything bet to accomplish it. What about such emotional etude for entourage?

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Yes, it's time to launch Insexes

We were waiting for that moment for a few years, and now it is a time to launch INSEXES. It could be done many months ago, and it still could be done later. But why wait if it's a time now!? My name is Chris, and let me make a short introduction for you.

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