Sixteen color codes and names

Sixteen color codes and their names

Did I tell you that we are here at insexes not only about hot and naked sexy girls? I made some useful cribs about colors and related stuff during my designer career. As these cribs already saved me much time I decided to remaster some of them in insexes style. Today, I am going to tell you about sixteen color codes and their names. But if you are not interested just enjoy Laura on the title and do not even try to read the rest...

The HTML specification defines sixteen named colors shown below. Color names are easier to remember than numerical codes, but might cause trouble when viewed under old or uncommon browsers. It is advisable to stick with the hexadecimal approach to colors, as it is generally safer.

These 16 colors were also specified as sRGB and included in the HTML 3.0 specification. Fuchsia is exactly the same as magenta and similarly aqua is exactly the same as cyan. Gray is often spelled grey. Names are defined to be case-insensitive.

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