Sorting, the hidden process

Still warm SD card with raw materials is in my hands now. I just got it from our main photographer. Something is telling me that it was a drive shooting today, even the card smells with gasoline. Interesting, as I was not in the studio today, so I expect to be surprised. Oh, cool down, this story is going to be not about shooting process and even not about hot nude girls, not now. This time I would like to reveal some hidden part of our work, that makes raw materials closer to become final set that is ready to be published at insexes. The sorting.

So, let's insert our SD card to the reader and copy everything to the RAM Drive. I have to say that I am using RAM Drive just because it is at least 10(!) times faster than top intel ssd drives, and it is probably the best solution for my processing purposes. One thing that never should not be forgotten is dumping your work to the regular hard drive, as ram drive is not a storage, its a great solution for temporary manipulations only. Just remember that everything from it will unrecoverable disappear after reboot or power lost. Well, it seems all data were copied and are ready for review.

raw materials for insexes

Wow... It really going to be hot. We've got 11 GB of this stunning blonde girl. There are nearly 500 shots here, but only thoroughly selected images would be combined into a set and finally published at insexes. You could see that source images are in higher dimension (5184x3456) than we are going to publish (4000x2667). It helps us to crop unwanted space without affecting image quality, and additional downsampling makes images more sharp and accurate. Sure thing, it is possible to make 6000x4000 images from 5184x3456 without reasonable artifacts, but we are not hunting for megapixels here. Even with more powerful matrix, we are not going to get rid of downsampling.

I am doing my first look on all these thumbnails. There were some adjusting shots and some dark frames that should be removed during this first draft pass without compunction. Second pass requires more attention. I am creating "excluded0" folder for it. I am going to move here all technically unsuccessful shots with yes/no based algorithm. Actually such shots could be deleted too, but they are helpful to determine current and prevent future hardware fails, for example: one of flashlights sometimes did not fire, so we have to replace the cable or synchronizer. It appears that this set has nothing to put inside this folder. Great, I will use it for my third pass. Now, I am hunting for blurry or focus fails shots only. Just get a few ones, sure, they could be deleted too, but I prefer to move them into a folder.

Now, I am going to take a closer look with my forth pass, and move each photo that contains half-closed eyes while blinking, not very winning posture or angle, etc... in the newly created "exclueded1" folder. Actually, I am putting here any questionable shot. This folder will be examined by photographer later, sometimes it could be suggestions for the model about the angles she better to avoid. As you can see, after these four passes only perfect shots remain. But we are still far from the end of sorting.

upcoming insexes set

Next, I create additional folders, where I pick few shots for titles (that could be used as desktop wallpapers) and ads. Finally, we have 268 raw photos ready to be combined into a set. I am going to move all duplicates or very same shots into "excluder2" folder. Unlike many others, we are not chasing for the numbers because of the numbers. And the goal is not to preserve a huge quantity of photos. The goal is to create hot keen set.

Posted at 5 of May, 2013 2:45 PM. Written by insexes
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7 year ago

Wow. I spent few minutes only just clicking the "next portion of thumbs" link. I could only imagine how much time it was taken to sort out all this volume. Final set looks really keen.
Hope to see something from inside again.


7 year ago

Yes, one of our aims is to tear the veils from different things related to the photo and video production from inside. Not everything goes as fast as we wanted, but we are working on it. So, stay tuned.


7 year ago

Wow... just finished clicking "want to see the volume" link. Capitally.
Are you going to show us other processes? Just wondering.