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Hi! Probably, if you are starting to type "jo" in your browser it will suggest you to visit joymii. And it is nothing wrong with you or your browser. Joymii is a great project and it definitely worth your attention. But this story is not even about random girls and their refreshed iPhones. This is about guys who believe that the best way of creating something meaningful is DIT, doing it together.

Unite the halves. Create your Jolla. Your Jolla

Jolla was born in 2011 out of passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. Jolla smartphones are designed with the most recent consumer needs in mind such as intuitive use, multitasking and effortless interaction. At the core of Jolla is Sailfish, the most modern, mobile-optimized operating system.

Jolla is outstanding creation of former developers of Nokia. While Microsoft was busy with Nokia mobile department and bla bla bla, people that was working hard on Meego started small independent company, the Jolla. So, you can expect all the best from old good Nokia here!

Unite the halves. Create your Jolla. It is not a nifty slogan. It is not just sexy covers. Just imagine that different panels could upgrade your unit with additional features like extra memory, applications and even devices. And this is only the beginning...

Be sexy. Create your Jolla.

Posted at 22 of September, 2013 1:20 PM. Written by insexes
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6 year ago

Nokia makes damn fine hardware. Was sad to hear about the Microsoft deal as I was hoping Nokia would branch out. I will have to keep my eye on Jolla.


6 year ago

I am very sorry about the Nokia too. Their cell phones are associated with something immortal. Even cheapest units were made handy and solid. I hope that jolla is going to keep this tradition. And Sailfish OS is promises to be innovative. Thumbs up for jolla!


6 year ago

Oh, I heard about all this before. I feel sorry for Nokia, could have turned out better. The guys working on Jolla left already when they realised that Microsoft (which is just a plague) was taking over, and that is not surprising. I think starting Jolla was a good thing. Wish lot's of success to its founders!